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Wedding Locations in the South of France

It can be difficult finding the perfect location to settle for your wedding celebration in the South of France due to the lack of information available online. In addition, planning such an event can take time which is why it’s so important to learn as much as you can about the South of France and some of the wonderful locations available to host your celebrations. You can expect so much from the South of France as there is so much to explore and discover, with idyllic wedding events taking place across exotic Mediterranean locations all the time. Here’s an insight into some of the best wedding locations for couples who are devoted to celebrating their special day in the South of France.

Cote d’Azur 

In the southeast corner of France, accompanied by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline, lies Cote d’Azur. The stunning destination has proved to be an extremely popular choice for British tourists over the years. Whilst it can be particularly pricey to host such a large event in Cote d’Azur, you can be sure to get your money’s worth with remarkable landscapes to take in and perfectly blue waters beneath the stunning cliff faces. The secluded islands prove to be an exceptional venue for any wedding event with medieval villages and relaxing vegetation providing a blissful array of history and tradition.

Beautiful Beaches in ProvenceYou may decide to make the most of Provence, an equally attractive location that can be slightly more reasonable with regards to price. The historical buildings prove to be amicable venues for wedding events and none more so than the Hilltop Riviera Domaine. The manor was built in exactly a year back in 1927, yet it integrates architecture from a variety of different centuries including the 12th and 15th century. Another location to make the most of is the Provencale Hideaway, situated in the heart of Provence. The 15thcentury manor is surrounded by charming countryside and makes the most of traditional architecture, whilst there’s even room for a heated swimming pool and the ability to sleep 28 guests.

Languedoc is full of history and perfect for any couple looking to explore the exotic past of the South of France. The area is capable of playing host to the ideal wedding event thanks to its vast array of period venues. Le Chateau du Puits es Pratx is the perfect building to host a wedding event whilst the surrounding estate can also be hired to provide accommodation, a heated swimming pool and a luxury banquet for all the guests. The pretty location is a far less expensive option and proves to be a big hit for British tourists searching for the ideal South of France holiday location.


Les Jardins de Saint BenoitDordogne is a grand location in the South of France that offers jaw-dropping scenery and remarkable architecture. The Dordogne River is situated on the edge of the mountainside which incorporates a selection of pretty village houses. The surrounding greenery and vegetation creates a beautifully natural atmosphere that creates a wonderfully relaxing experience for any tourist. The appeal of rural France is highlighted by Dordogne and the local vineyards prove an excellent location for any wedding celebration. In addition, the Chateau de Fayolte boasts 16th century architecture with a private chapel, gardens, swimming pool and terrace all on offer. Furthermore, the culinary heritage present in Dordogne guarantees a selection some of the finest French food available.

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  1. Southern France would really be an ideal place for a wedding as the place looks really refreshing.

  2. I wanna go there but not for the wedding though but just to explore the place especially that awesome beach.

  3. WOW! ever since I was young, France (whichever part) had such a 'romantic' hold on me. For some reasons, when I think of France, I think of romance and passion and all of that, so, a wedding in Southern France would be the ultimate dream come true..


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