Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seminar for Graduating Education Students

Here are some recent photos f my sister with her friends when they attended a seminar for the graduating students of College of Education.

I am glad that  my sister is not shy  anymore.  She used to be very bashful when  she was growing up.  I even endorsed her to my former boss  because she was very shy to ask for the  requirements of becoming a student assistant in school.  I am glad that her experienced  transformed her a bit.  I hope that she learned all the necessary skills that she needs when she  finishes her degree.  She will need a lot of skills if she wants to be a n efficient and effective teacher.


  1. It is such a nice feeling to graduate. Finally, the real world is waiting for us. We can make a career and a living.

  2. seminars are part of gaining more knowledge of their skills..

  3. I guess everyone goes through that stage - as we experience things in life and grow - we learn and get mature, I'm sure it was like that with your sister and I'm happy with how she is right now like how you feel too. :)


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