Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year with the #Usherettes

I saw this photo of my sister and her friends with an usherette sash on.  Brings back memories during my college days whenever we are assigned as usherettes during certain events.

My sister is still in Manila with my other sisters.  I hope that they have a nice celebration.  I miss them so badly!

Happy New Year to all of our readers and friends all around the world!

Live Pain Free

In one hour and 15 minutes, the ball will drop.   I was able to  finish cleaning, which I have been doing  for  days, glad I accomplished that.  I also work out yesterday which makes my body so sore  today but I am fine.  One more thing that I want to accomplish before the year ends is to be able to read about LGMedSupply, an online store that offers TENS Units, Muscle Stimulators, and Ultrasound Units for Pain Relief and Rehabilitation. 

The LG-TEC Dual Combo TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator helps ease your muscle pain.  This is also help in increasing your muscle tone which I have been  trying to accomplish this year but  did not have much have of a success for it..  That is my goal next year and  I plan to start  first thing tomorrow.  I am so glad that my husband bought me a new treadmill, mine broke months ago.    To find out more of the  muscle stimulator that I mentioned above, please  Visit LGMedSupply Online.  They have all the items items are in-stock.  You can also get additional information  at their  online customer blog.  You can live pain free by  getting some of the products they have.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spending Holidays with Siblings in Manila

My sister is in Manila visiting and spending the holiday break with my other sisters who lives around Metro Manila.  I wish that I can be with them  this holiday but I can't so I will just look at the photos of their family gathering.

I kept texting my sister Lynn  and asking them what they are doing hahaha.  Isn't that obvious how I miss my sisters back home?

Anyway, I grabbed these photos from my sister's Facebook page.  My youngest sister  is still with my other sisters and she will be spending her new year with them as well.  I hope that they upload some photos soon so I can see all of them.

Tuxedo Rental and Formal Wear

While character is more important than physical appearance, how you choose to dress will to a great extent inform people's opinion of you. If you are not too keen about your appearance then you might as well forget about making great first impressions.
Formal wear has for a long time been held in high regard. Showing up for an occasion clad in a nice suit and a tie will definitely get the attention of quite a number of those present. For those planning to tie the knot, a wedding tuxedo rental will go a long way in enhancing the aesthetics of the day.

If you are well dressed, and do get to meet people during an event, you can bet that they will pay close attention to what you have to say. This is the power of formal wear. If you ever get called for an interview, make sure that you show up in clean and striking formal wear. If you come clad in anything else, then you risk not being taken seriously and this will significantly reduce your chances of getting the job.

Whenever you are representing your company in any official event, it is also important to dress in formal wear. The aim here of course is to ensure that you make a very good impression and consequently get people interested in what you have to say and offer. This is even more important if the company in question is yours and you are just starting out.
When choosing formal wear for an event there are several things that you need to have in mind with the most important one being the event itself. You need to ensure that whatever you choose is relevant for the occasion in question. The other factor to consider is your own body. Make sure that whatever you wear fits comfortably. Avoid anything that's too tight or too baggy otherwise you risk attracting negative attention.
Weddings demand that all those in attendance should dress their very best -- dressed to kill as it were. This is not a written rule or anything of the sort; it's just something that everyone knows. This is why in most weddings it usually seems as though everybody is trying to outdo each other.

The tuxedo is a very popular wedding attire among men especially those who are closely related to the groom. It is worth noting, however, that tuxedos are not exactly cheap. Couple this with the fact that they are rarely worn and immediately you realize that it doesn't make much sense to purchase one. The most sensible alternative is the wedding tuxedo rental. With this option, once you are done with the attire you can return it to the tailors' until such a day that you need it again. Renting a tuxedo can be up to 6 times cheaper than buying one.
Another reason why renting a tuxedo is better than buying one is because you never have to worry about dry cleaning and other such matters. It's pretty simple, once you are done with the attire, simply put it on a hanger and take it back where you got it; the people there will take care of the rest. Convenient and hassle-free is the best way to summarize this option.

Article written by Elizabeth Bexley. 

Disclaimer:  Photos used in this article aren't mine.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Practicum Teachers' Christmas Party

My youngest sister had their  Christmas party sometime this week.  I grabbed these photos from her friend's page in Facebook.  I chatted with  my friend the other night and she told me that  this is  their's last week of school.  I haven't  talk to my sister yet but I am sure that she will be going home  next week.  I hope that I could talk to my mother when she come to Legazpi.  I miss my family back home especially during Christmas time.  If only I could  go home... I could only wish..
Everyone in my place told me that I look like my Mom but looking at my sister, she look  more like my  Mom than I do.  I will share an old photo of my  Mom sometime here in  this blog so you will see.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wedding Locations in the South of France

It can be difficult finding the perfect location to settle for your wedding celebration in the South of France due to the lack of information available online. In addition, planning such an event can take time which is why it’s so important to learn as much as you can about the South of France and some of the wonderful locations available to host your celebrations. You can expect so much from the South of France as there is so much to explore and discover, with idyllic wedding events taking place across exotic Mediterranean locations all the time. Here’s an insight into some of the best wedding locations for couples who are devoted to celebrating their special day in the South of France.

Cote d’Azur 

In the southeast corner of France, accompanied by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean coastline, lies Cote d’Azur. The stunning destination has proved to be an extremely popular choice for British tourists over the years. Whilst it can be particularly pricey to host such a large event in Cote d’Azur, you can be sure to get your money’s worth with remarkable landscapes to take in and perfectly blue waters beneath the stunning cliff faces. The secluded islands prove to be an exceptional venue for any wedding event with medieval villages and relaxing vegetation providing a blissful array of history and tradition.

Beautiful Beaches in ProvenceYou may decide to make the most of Provence, an equally attractive location that can be slightly more reasonable with regards to price. The historical buildings prove to be amicable venues for wedding events and none more so than the Hilltop Riviera Domaine. The manor was built in exactly a year back in 1927, yet it integrates architecture from a variety of different centuries including the 12th and 15th century. Another location to make the most of is the Provencale Hideaway, situated in the heart of Provence. The 15thcentury manor is surrounded by charming countryside and makes the most of traditional architecture, whilst there’s even room for a heated swimming pool and the ability to sleep 28 guests.

Languedoc is full of history and perfect for any couple looking to explore the exotic past of the South of France. The area is capable of playing host to the ideal wedding event thanks to its vast array of period venues. Le Chateau du Puits es Pratx is the perfect building to host a wedding event whilst the surrounding estate can also be hired to provide accommodation, a heated swimming pool and a luxury banquet for all the guests. The pretty location is a far less expensive option and proves to be a big hit for British tourists searching for the ideal South of France holiday location.


Les Jardins de Saint BenoitDordogne is a grand location in the South of France that offers jaw-dropping scenery and remarkable architecture. The Dordogne River is situated on the edge of the mountainside which incorporates a selection of pretty village houses. The surrounding greenery and vegetation creates a beautifully natural atmosphere that creates a wonderfully relaxing experience for any tourist. The appeal of rural France is highlighted by Dordogne and the local vineyards prove an excellent location for any wedding celebration. In addition, the Chateau de Fayolte boasts 16th century architecture with a private chapel, gardens, swimming pool and terrace all on offer. Furthermore, the culinary heritage present in Dordogne guarantees a selection some of the finest French food available.

About the Author

Claire Bruton is an avid Francophile who has contributed this post on behalf of SFHV Rentals, offering a huge selection of beautiful holiday villas across the south of France.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seminar for Graduating Education Students

Here are some recent photos f my sister with her friends when they attended a seminar for the graduating students of College of Education.

I am glad that  my sister is not shy  anymore.  She used to be very bashful when  she was growing up.  I even endorsed her to my former boss  because she was very shy to ask for the  requirements of becoming a student assistant in school.  I am glad that her experienced  transformed her a bit.  I hope that she learned all the necessary skills that she needs when she  finishes her degree.  She will need a lot of skills if she wants to be a n efficient and effective teacher.

Puerto Rico, the All Star Island

My youngest sister is graduating  from  her  primary education  degree in March and I am excited for her.  She  expresses her  gratitude towards  us for sending her to school.  She said that  she  would love to land a job so she could  visit places and travel like we do.  I told her that if she plays her card right, she would be able to travel too.  I even  teased her  and told her , "You can live your own 5-star vacation story in    Puerto Rico."  And then she said, where is Puerto Rico?  I told her that I haven't been there myself but hopefully, if given the chance, that  we can go together.  Puerto Rico is an All-Star island that anyone who love adventures,  love to  eat different kinds of  foods, this is the perfect place to go to unwind and enjoy.

Filled with the world class attractions, Puerto Rico will  turn  anyone's trip into an unforgettable  5-star story of  their lives.   Here are some    exciting  things to look for when visiting Puerto Rico:

  • It has 270 miles of coastline and featured in the Top 10 beaches from Travel Channel -- including Flamenco Beach in Culebra, often cited as one of the best beaches in the world. 
  • You can glow like an angel in the water in the Bioluminescent bays. 
  • You can visit the only rainforest under US national park service, El Yunque, and climb to the clouds. 
  • History Buffs can enjoy old world charm of San Juan. 
  • Adventurers can enjoy horse back riding or the magnificent Camuy caverns that runs through the 3rd largest subterranean river in the world. 
  • Foodies can experience the delicacies of Puerto Rican gastronomy and it’s famous Rums.
I always dream of riding a horse so I would probably  lean on doing that if I were to  visit this beautiful island.  Do you want to see how  beautiful the island is?  Why not Like SeePuertoRico.com on Facebook and get  an updates from them.  You can also Follow @PRTourismCo on Twitter so you'd get the  latest deals and  news about the  island.  The video below   shows some amazing views about the El Yunque Rainforest so make sure to watch  it while you are here.  The good thing about  traveling to the island is that, it doesn't require you to have a passport or you don't need to bring foreign money with you.   They are as  high tech as  anywhere else. You can also share via comments  what occasion you would want to  travel to Puerto Rico and who will you  travel with?  

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My First Born: Our Son

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