Saturday, May 27, 2017

Traveling with my Job

It's been a while since I updated this blog. I have been busy with my new job and has been traveling with my supervisor.  I love that I get to visit places that I have never been to before.   My current job may not pay as much as the former job that I had but it is okay.  My boss is really nice and I get to go travel.  

My new job involves auditing regional offices.We went to Pangasinan, Baguio, and next week I will be in Bicol region. I am planning to see my Mom before I go back to Manila.
I am surprised that I haven't been car sick with all the traveling. I used to get car sickness every time I go somewhere when I was a kid. I guess I outgrew it finally and I am so glad.
I never thought that I could survive living here in Manila but I took the leap of faith and moved here because I love my new job, it gave me new experiences and I realized some of the strengths that I didn't think I have in me.  
 I could not have done it alone though, thanks to my boyfriend who have there for me.

I am very thankful to Lord Almighty for giving me the courage to take ion this new stage in my life and for making me a strong woman everyday. Thanks to my Ate too for  encouraging me every step of the way.  Without her and Kuya's support, I would not be  where I am now so I am  super blessed.  I am still praying that Mama would  like to come here and live with me but I understand too why she does not want to.  All  I can do is to support her financially and pray for her safety every single day.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How To Make Your Company More Successful

Business owners who want their companies to become more successful should remember that they won't attain results in a mysterious, magical manner. Rather, company leaders obtain results by systematically implementing proven business-building strategies. Below you'll find just three of many strategies you can implement to make your company more successful: 

1. Hire A Team Of Digital Consultants.

One great way to make your company more successful this year is by hiring a team of digital consultants. These industry experts can provide you with a wide range of customized services and products that will help you improve various aspects of your business. An example would be offering you executive coaching consultants to help the staff develop leadership skills. Another example would be the use of employee evaluations to help you identify the staff's biggest weaknesses and strengths. Companies like KEYGroup Consulting are pleased to provide clients with these tools for growth. 

2. Grow Your Business Online.

In addition to working with a team of skilled digital consultants, make sure that you focus on growing your business online. This step is important if you're serious about extending your organization's sphere of influence and/or being able to provide your target market with constant updates that will optimize the brand recognition process. A team of digital advertisers will typically offer you a wide range of proven online marketing services to keep your business growing online. Some of those services might include:

• blog work
• content marketing
• search engine optimization 
• web design and development
• social media optimization 
• online reputation management
• responsive web design
• email marketing  

3. Implement Self-Development Strategies.

Whenever you grow, your business will follow suit. This is why business owners who are serious about making their organizations more productive and profitable need to focus on personal/professional growth. Luckily, there are hundreds of strategies that you can deploy to make improvements on yourself. One is taking a public speaking course. Another is volunteering in your local area. A third strategy that may work for you is taking an online course that expands your current skill set. 

Don't Delay: Work Towards Success Today! 

Business owners who want their companies to become as successful as possible should know that having a strategic plan in place can help them optimize results. Three techniques that you may want to add to your strategic plan include hiring a team of business consultants, growing your business online, and implementing self-development strategies! 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

New Job, New Challenges, New Goals

2017 has been busy for me. It started with a stressful situation,  my mother got sick and hospitalized.  I feel very bad that she is living alone in our home but she does not like the idea of living with me in Manila.  I went and visited her for a brief period of time during the holiday break and it breaks my heart to see her suffering.  I just don't understand why she doesn't want to leave that place..  I  am still hoping that she would  be able to turn around on this idea and agree to live with me instead of staying in our home.

I also started this year with a new job.  I still work in TESDA  but I am now working at a new department.  My former position paid  bigger but I was always stressed out because of my boss.  I asked my sister for some advice and she told me to follow what my heart tells me.  I was  battling between higher pay with a boss I don't really get  along well or lesser pay but with  a very good working relationship with other employees.  I chose the latter even though I like the higher pay but I am now happier and  less stressed with my new position.

I am saving  some  money every pay because I am planning to enroll in a master's degree.  I finally passed the licensure exam for teachers but I am still looking for a school where I can teach.  I hope that I can achieve this goals in the near future.  

Traveling with my Job

It's been a while since I updated this blog. I have been busy with my new job and has been traveling with my supervisor.  I love tha...