Monday, October 30, 2017

Work, Business, and Love Life

Oh life, where do I begin.  I have been so busy with my work and my sideline business that my promise to my sister in keeping this blog active have vanished, sorry po Ate.

Right now, I am traveling to La Union and Baguio. My boyfriend tag along with me so even though I am doing my work, I kind of having some time bonding with him.  Before  going to this trip, I have attended a special event  with  the rest of my co-workers at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, it was a fun time.
My boyfriend and I have celebrated our 5 years of being officially on. I don't know what future awaits us but each day makes us stronger and love each other more.   Hopefully, we will stay strong and  in-love with each other.

Work has been pretty hectic these days but I have to admit, I am more happier doing my job than my first position here in TESDA. I used to get paid more at my first job but I was very unhappy, I felt like I was walking on ta thin line all the time so even though my pay isn't as high now, I think that was the best decision I have ever made because I am less stressed at doing this job.
I am planning to have my Mom stay with me for the upcoming Christmas break. I miss seeing and talking to her. I know that my mother love me but when she tells me to just call when I send her allowance, I feel pain. I feel like she doesn't miss me or doesn't even want to talk to me. My sister used to tell me this about her feelings and I completely understand where's coming from now. I don't know, I think I am just misunderstanding my Mama that I am being over sensitive. I hope that we could really bond this coming Christmas break. I miss and love her very much!

My First Born: Our Son

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