Saturday, December 22, 2012

Home for Christmas

My sister went home for  the Christmas break, she's  eXcited to be able to take some time off from school and be with  our Mom and family.  How I wish I could be with them to celebrate  the yuletide season.. sigh.  I snagged the photo below from her Facebook page, this was taken during their Christmas party at her boarding house with her  board mates and  landlady.  

Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year everyone!
Pink Saturday

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Voice

I finally got to talk to my sister,  Mae,  last night.  She was working at  the office  and I asked her boss,   which happened to be a close friend of mine, if I could talk to her since she still doesn't have a cell phone.  She updated me about  Mama and our other siblings.  I told her that she is due to  update her blog but she   told me that she need to study for her prelim exam so here I am again..

Our conversation went from family, to her studies, and to the show "The Voice".    We made a bet who we think would win.  I did not know that my sister  likes watching  the TV show that I watches as well.  I watched  the result tonight and was surprised to see Trevor Hunt  went home.  I would like team Blake to win again this season.

My First Born: Our Son

My due was May 5th but I gave birth to this amazing baby a week early.  He reminds me of my father.  He was born in April and I’m thinking ...