Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Recycled Teenagers

With the lost of  her cellphone, my sister is totally bummed out.  I felt terrible  as well  because  I gave it to her as a gift last year.  This would teach her a lesson to take extra care of her belongings. She has to save her own allowance if she wants to get another phone because I am not buying anymore.  For the meantime, I have to posts here on her behalf while she's offline.

Sissy wants to be a teacher and soon to  do her practice teaching.  I hope that she  passes the board exam when she takes it.

Copied  the photo and the saying "We are not old!  We are recycled teenagers"  at her  Facebook page.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cellphone was Lost

I was wondering why my sister was not communicating with me for the past days so I contacted her boss and I learned that my sister lost her cellphone. Such a bummer!  She uses that phone to go online and in communicating with me so now she does not have an easy access to the Internet anymore.  Sigh.

I just copied this photo of her and her  friends in school so I can update her blog.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The World Around Mae

Hello world, this is Mae.  My sister has been encouraging me to start blogging  but I  am so busy with my studies and work  in school that I just keep putting it off.  I would like  to try it so here I am.  I hope that I could  continue this.

I am currently in my senior year, taking Bachelor of Elementary Education at Divine Word College of Legazpi.  I work as a student assistant at the President Office.  I hope to graduate in  few semesters.  Being a working  student is tough because  you have to manage your time wisely or else your  grades will  go down and you will be removed from the  scholarship program.  I am trying my best but sometimes I think that my best is not enough  to achieve the grades that I would like to maintain.  It's a challenge but I like it because it is teaching me to work hard in order to achieve my goal.

My First Born: Our Son

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