Thursday, April 25, 2013


Umbrella is an essential thing to have in the Philippines.  Filipinos uses it,   rain or shine.  Most of the Filipinos have  dark skin so we use umbrella a lot to block the  heat of the sun.
I am praying for the people in the Philippines who are affected by the super typhoon.

Hotel and Restaurant Management Course

When my youngest sister was in her  sophomore year of taking Education course,  she wanted to shift  to an HRM course or Hotel and  Restaurant Management.  Since she has the scholarship from school which requires to take Education course, I told her to just  stick with it because I could not afford to  solely  cover all her expenses in school.  She told me the advantages of getting an HRM degree but I told her that  career in  Education  system would help her in the long run.  To make the story short, he  stick with the education course and  she is now in the last year.  She will be graduating  next year.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Software makes ART

I admire people that could create tools and software that enhances ordinary photos.  Say for instance, this simple photo of my sister, she uploaded it using a software that she found online and it made a big difference.  

By using a software, an ordinary picture could make an artistic piece.  Would you agree?

My First Born: Our Son

My due was May 5th but I gave birth to this amazing baby a week early.  He reminds me of my father.  He was born in April and I’m thinking ...