Monday, February 25, 2013

Cheering Squad

I am so glad that  sister is feeling better now.  She is back to work and  school.  As you can see, she's goofing around the camera already.

She tagged me the photos of their performance during their  school's  Intramurals.  She participated in a cheering squad for the College of Education department.  This reminds me of myself as I  have participated in the same activity when I was in my senior year.  I remember the priests telling me "What's got in to you?"  Maybe because I have never participated into that kind of activity during my early years in college.   But I thought that it would be fun to  try it and I did!

These photos were taken in  the school's gymnasium which I think  was safer than where we did ours.  We  performed at the quadrangle and if you fall, it would hurt as it was concrete.  Gladly, we finished the performance without any injuries lol.  Oh, it's fun to reminisce good memories.
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Sunday, February 17, 2013


My sister's boss texted me yesterday informing me that my sister is sick.  She was hospitalized  due to a high fever, she caught some type of  bacterial infection.  My Mom went to the place where my sister is so she could take care of her  for a while.    She's out of the hospital now and recuperating.  Oh boy,  the month of February is a hard one for me.  My son  and sister got sick.  
I grabbed these photos at my sister's Facebook page once again.  It's my main source of the photos that I am posting in her blog.  She and her friends at the President's office of the school where they are assigned as student assistants.  I am so glad that her boss, who is a dear friend of mine is  a great person.

I hope and pray that  my sister, my son, and all the ailing people out there will soon find relief and get well.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pearl Earring

When my sister first enrolled in college, she did not have two front teeth. She got used to smiling like this because she did not want people to see her toothless front hehehe.
I like your Pearl Earring Nene!
  But anyhow, my husband is very generous and he gave my sister money to have dentures. 
 She has complete set of teeth now but she still smiles the same lol.

English words in Tagalog
>Ear is "tainga"
>Earring is Hikaw

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dalagang Pilipina

When I am feeling a little down and missing my family back home, I usually browse my sister's Facebook page and look through her pictures. It somehow relieves me from being homesick. I saw these photos and a flashback of memory immediately surge my mind. These were taken at our place. I miss the ocean, the food, the people.. Oh gosh I better stop before I cry lol. 
For non-Filipino readers, if you are wondering what "Dalagang Pilipina" means, it is "Young Filipina Woman".  Teenager Girl is called Dalagita.

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