Sunday, February 17, 2013


My sister's boss texted me yesterday informing me that my sister is sick.  She was hospitalized  due to a high fever, she caught some type of  bacterial infection.  My Mom went to the place where my sister is so she could take care of her  for a while.    She's out of the hospital now and recuperating.  Oh boy,  the month of February is a hard one for me.  My son  and sister got sick.  
I grabbed these photos at my sister's Facebook page once again.  It's my main source of the photos that I am posting in her blog.  She and her friends at the President's office of the school where they are assigned as student assistants.  I am so glad that her boss, who is a dear friend of mine is  a great person.

I hope and pray that  my sister, my son, and all the ailing people out there will soon find relief and get well.


  1. She's very pretty with such a sweet expression on her face. Hoping for a speedy recovery for her.
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. Lovely family and sending lots of reiki distant healing hugs ^_^

  3. What a pretty face and she's just as pretty on the inside. It shows in her face.

  4. Hope for a complete return to health.

  5. Very unFortunate! I also hope they find relief soon.

    abcw team

  6. You got a pretty sister and glad that she is doing fine already.:)

  7. I think its the weather lately. Its very hot then it rains. Hope she gets well soon.

  8. I hope your sister gets well soon!


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