Monday, February 25, 2013

Cheering Squad

I am so glad that  sister is feeling better now.  She is back to work and  school.  As you can see, she's goofing around the camera already.

She tagged me the photos of their performance during their  school's  Intramurals.  She participated in a cheering squad for the College of Education department.  This reminds me of myself as I  have participated in the same activity when I was in my senior year.  I remember the priests telling me "What's got in to you?"  Maybe because I have never participated into that kind of activity during my early years in college.   But I thought that it would be fun to  try it and I did!

These photos were taken in  the school's gymnasium which I think  was safer than where we did ours.  We  performed at the quadrangle and if you fall, it would hurt as it was concrete.  Gladly, we finished the performance without any injuries lol.  Oh, it's fun to reminisce good memories.
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  1. How fun. I never participated on cheering events/ Have a fabulous week!

    Liz (mlc)
    Liz (yacb)

  2. The cheering competition is the best part of intrams.

  3. what a GRIMACE!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. I am glad your sister is feeling better and back into the school activites.
    Fun pictures of the cheerleaders.

  5. i admire mae for her being so hardworking, being a student and working at the same time. that's hard. i hope she will not lose track of her priorities, but i'm sure you're always there sis to remind her every now and then. and it seems she's up to any challenges too. admirable young woman. :) take care of yourself, mae!

    i'm visiting for ABC Wednesday!

  6. Looks like an energised experience! Love the blue of the uniforms!

  7. LOVE the blue outfits! I was a cheerleader in school and have such wonderful memories; what fun!

  8. I am glad that your sister is feeling better already. I miss watching programs at school, I used to perform on stage when I was in High School and I still wonder why I did, di naman ako marunong sumayaw hahaha!

  9. must be more fun to watch it live.

  10. It's great that your sister is feeling good now. I miss high school and college days. I am very active in different school activities.


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