Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ligñon Hill and Mayon Volcano

Mae posted some new photos at her page in Facebook which brings back memories when we visited my family in the Philippines. It was summer time and we hiked on this hill, I felt bad for my kids and husband because the heat of the sun was too much for them.   On top of this hill, you could see the majestic Mayon Volcano and there is a zipline that my daughter  wanted to try but her height did not qualify for  the ride.  Ligñon Hill is located in the province of Albay.
On the other  side, the photos below somehow  healed my homesickness.  These were taken in our place in Donsol Sorsogon. 
 I miss  seeing boats passes by and watching the sunset.  Sorry for the low quality of the photos, these were taken by a cell phone.
Below are some of the photos during our vacation taken at Ligñon Hill.  See the Mayon Volcano at the background?

Those sandy part  in the last photo is where the lava  flowed during the last major eruption.  Mayon Volcano is  a very active one.  Here is  a photo of the volcano when it's erupting.
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  1. That hill looks like it goes on forever!


  2. I can understand that you were homesick! Thanks for showing your photos.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  3. Beautiful scenery.
    I'm glad you could visit your family and heal your homesickness.

  4. am glad I don't live around erupting volcano's - just seeing video's of if makes me want to flee!
    Your kids are cute:)

  5. The view around the mountain is so gorgeous, and with beautiful sunset at the beach, I can totally understand your homesickness for your home land.

  6. Thank you for your little tour here it felt almost as if I were with you all. lol The pictures came out great for just using a cell phone.

    I follow your link from the ABC Wednesday and do hope when you find the time to come on over and checked my blog out for the letter H. Thank you!

  7. The colors of the sunset are really beautiful and what a view below the volcano!

  8. those are beautiful shots of the ocean. Donsol is know for the butandings, right, sis? And as always Mayon is majestic. Visiting from ABC Wednesday. :)

  9. Beautiful shots! I'm sure it must be hard to be so far away.

  10. Volcanoes fascinate me! Such pent up energy waiting! Love the photo of the young one pensive on the wall! Beautiful!

  11. I would love to visit Bicol someday.

    My Blue Monday.

  12. Oh Rose, it also makes me miss the wonderful time my family and I had when we visited your wonderful place, Bicol! The Lignon Park over looking Mayon Volcano is breath taking! I wanna go back there again! Hopefully, we would see the Butandings this time around. :)

  13. Thanks for the virtual beautiful trip.
    Our party is on at:

    Please come and join us. Have a great weekend!

  14. me too i can understand how you feel missing your hometown. somehow, with the help on the Internet, people get to communicate faster and give us updates on what's happening on both ends.

    the majestic mayon. hope she sleeps forever. people dare not witness how she wakes :)


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