Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Legazpi City, Philippines

There's a new developed place in Legazpi City, Philippines called Embarcadero. It did not exist when I was still there.  It's nice that there are so many improvement on infrastructure, it's good for the  community and the people.  I would love to go for a jog there when I visit.


  1. You're KOVERED with your KORNY joke!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. The only word that I can think is KINKY. Those elephants are just recently married? LOL

    1. Hahaha, Makoy, that is just perfect!

  3. the elephants looks like krunchy peanuts, haha.

  4. That's a cute photo of your sister. trying to break an elephant's kiss :) I can't believe you have a super young sister. She's pretty too ..

  5. How about Kinship -- cute picture but not really relateable to "k" words--can understand why you had to put it like you did!! OH KINDRED souls.

  6. Your sister is so beautiful, what a great picture. That is my KIND of place.

  7. how about Keen! the post is knowledgeable as its stuff I didn't know about!

  8. What a great photo, k words are hard, was going to say kinship but it was already taken. I have no others, lol.

  9. lol! this photo of your sis is beautiful sis! love the statue of those elephants. as for the word that begins with K, kingdom coz she looks like a princess in between two elephants celebrating her arrival as a pretty princess. lol...


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