Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dear Mama

I fall short of words when I try to express my gratitude for everything you've done in my life. Thank you for being always there for me. having a mother like you is the best gift I have received from God. I love you so much. Wishing you a very happy birthday. 



Monday, January 26, 2015

Review Center

After the two-week temporary job that my sister Mae did in school, she said that she is now working at a review center. She did not elaborate the detail but hopefully, it is something good that she can keep for a longer period of time. I am praying that she would be able to find a permanent job so she won't be disappointed and result into getting married.

Techniques to be a high quality Rehab Therapist

There are many techniques that can be utilized to be a high quality rehab therapist. Understanding how to communicate with patients in a way they can understand is that central to success. Being able to be a high quality problem solver is also essential to helping people reach their goals. Having the ability to motivate people who have lost faith in themselves is also essential that are being successful in this profession.

The Problem Solving Skills

Understanding how to motivate people to solve their own problems is one of the most important things for someone in the rehabilitation industry to understand how to do. When these individuals understand their ability to make a difference through creative problem solving techniques, they will be able to learn more about the ways in which they can make the difference in the lives of their patients.


Understanding how to be flexible with people's belief in themselves is also an important part of helping people to recover from injury. Completely being willing to listen to patients about the challenges they are facing is a great way to gain the trust of an individual who was frustrated with their physical condition. When people feel they have a support system they are more likely to meet their own expectations.


Keeping people motivated that can be challenging when they do not feel they are missing the progress that they want to achieve. Racing the progress of steps down into smaller more manageable experiences is essential for individuals who are trying to improve the overall quality of life.

My First Born: Our Son

My due was May 5th but I gave birth to this amazing baby a week early.  He reminds me of my father.  He was born in April and I’m thinking ...