Saturday, December 28, 2013

Spending Holidays with Siblings in Manila

My sister is in Manila visiting and spending the holiday break with my other sisters who lives around Metro Manila.  I wish that I can be with them  this holiday but I can't so I will just look at the photos of their family gathering.

I kept texting my sister Lynn  and asking them what they are doing hahaha.  Isn't that obvious how I miss my sisters back home?

Anyway, I grabbed these photos from my sister's Facebook page.  My youngest sister  is still with my other sisters and she will be spending her new year with them as well.  I hope that they upload some photos soon so I can see all of them.


  1. I love the pink and blue motiff of the Christmas tree!

  2. You sisters are indeed very pretty! Happy holidays!

  3. I love it when siblings get together especially on occasion. Photos are great.


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