Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan

I was really worried when typhoon Haiyan  hit the Philippines last Saturday because my family lives near the ocean and we have a  very frightening experience about typhoons.  Then I saw this photo in the newspaper featuring  my province and I  was  so concerned especially that I was not able to  contact  my family, I still haven't got a hold of them till now.  I think the  cell sites are down and I dunno when  they will restore it..

Thankfully, I talked to a friend from back home and she said that my family are okay.  Thanks be to God for that and for your prayers as well!  I thought that the dilemma is  over with the typhoon but now another one is getting ready to slammed   my country.  Oh dear Lord, please spare the people.   


  1. Our constant prayers are offered to everyone back home. Please stay safe.

  2. I hope the government officials here will no longer allow people to live in high calamity areas such as near the ocean/mountains. :’( I still pray for complete healing of Yolanda victims.


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