Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Wider Social Acceptance of Electronic Cigarettes

It's been ten years since my father have passed and I still missed him till this very day. I wish that he could have stay a little longer so he could have seen my kids. He would have enjoyed their company. When my father was still living, I used to remind him to slow down on smoking because he was getting older and his lungs is not as strong as when he was younger. He would just shrug his shoulder and said that if it's his time to go, he would accept it. He said that smoking cigarette or not, we will all die according to His plans. But that was my father, he had a mind of his own. I guess, breaking up from smoking was very hard to do. I remember when he tried to quit, he had a rough time, I guess the withdrawals from nicotine was hard on his body. 

Nowadays, people who smoke cigarettes have a choice ; they can opt to use an electronic cigarette over the traditional one. Electronic cigarette has been socially accepted as smokers found out that e-cig or electronic cigarette cost less compared to the traditional cigarettes. With the former, you can eliminate the waste (cigarette butts). Vapor cigarettes or e-cigs are the modern alternative to smoking. E-Cigs remind me of the Mom that I work with in school, we work as volunteers in the school where our kids go. She is a doctor and she told us one time that they have patients who came in who has a hard time breathing. They later found out that it was caused by too much using of electronic cigarette. So even though e-cigs are widely known and used, there are still consequences when you abuse using it. The key is to use it in moderation. Anything used in moderation is not bad, so it is really up to you. 

What I don't like is that when other people who smoke have no regard for other people around them, especially the kids. I don't like being around smokers because it triggers my migraine so bad and it the smoke suffocates me. I am so glad that my husband quit smoking way before I met him. 

Has any of you tried E cigs? I don't smoke so there is no way really to tell what is the difference between Electronic cigarettes over traditional cigarette. There are so many companies that offer vapor cigarettes such as 21stcenturysmoke.com. 


  1. It is really hard to quit smoking, I used to smoke too. I quit though and so did the hubby. sorry about your dad <3 Mine has passed also.

  2. just yesterday, there's a booth in shopping center promoting e-cigarette. It's really getting popular.

  3. Sorry to hear about what happened to your dad. My uncle also died because of too much usage of cigarettes.


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