Sunday, November 3, 2013

LET or Licensure Examination for Teachers

I find out that  there is an added  6 units to the  graduating student  in education department at my sister's  school.  A friend of mine told me that the  College of Education has incorporated the review in the curriculum that way, the  graduating students can  attend to it while they are doing their practice teaching to the school that they are assigned to.  I am glad that they do.  MY sister is suppose to only have 6 units left which is the practicum but now she has  12 units  this semester.  I sent the money she needed for the  practicum uniforms and for the tuition fee as she is no longer a working student and I have to pay the whole thing.

I hope that she would be able to  gather all the information that she needs before taking the LET or Licensure Exam for Teachers and I am keeping my fingers  crossed that she does take the test, she passes so she can teach right away.


  1. I think it's great thatthey incorporated the review. Some students review on their own and that's one of the reasons they fail. Congrats to Mae, just a semester more and she's out to the real world, yay!

  2. She’s lucky to have you as her sister. I hope she do her best to finish school. ^_^

  3. Good luck and hope you'll make your sister and family proud :)

  4. She is very lucky to have a very supportive sister.

  5. Please let her check my blog. I hope this can somehow help


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