Monday, July 15, 2013

Textbooks, Retreat, Tuition, and other School Expenses

I sent my sister the money a couple of weeks for her school expenses. She told me that she need to  buy textbooks for her major subjects and also need to pay for her Holy Retreat.  She is so lucky that  aside from  being  a scholar in the school, we are also sending her money to pay for her board and lodging and other expenses that she needs.  When I was in college, nobody helped me ut myself but  I think that it made me really stronger  and thus I finished school  with no problem.

Anyway, back ti the textbook that I  am talking about.  I asked her to   compare stores at Affordabook before she buys the books that she needs but she said that she  is running out of time.  She needs it right away so she just bought them from the local store.  I told her that next semester, she should know the books she needs to buy so that she can buy it online before the  classes starts.  I do believe that she can save money in buying them online.  I even offer to order it from here and I will just send it to her.  I hope that the money I sent her would be enough to cover all the expenses.

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  1. Christopher AlfanoJuly 15, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    Textbook prices are insane! You should see if she can rent her textbooks or just borrow them from a friend.


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