Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Gaming and Makeup go Hand-in-Hand

One of my favorite things to do to pass the time is sit in front of my computer and watch YouTube videos. I usually end up watching some of my favorite online makeup gurus for hours on end. Among my favorites is Michelle Phan, who comes up with the perfect blend of nerdy humor and cute makeup tips.

Collaboration Gold
Michelle Phan recently teamed up with another of my beloved YouTube personalities, “Swoozie” though the topics of his videos are a far cry from beauty tips. The two share common ground in gaming, and so the collaboration between them has been interesting, to say the least. I, for one, enjoy the products of their teamwork. I absolutely love seeing these two combine their unique interests and find common ground for entertaining videos.

In one video, Swoozie attempts to appreciate the makeup business by teaching his viewers how to cosplay. He chooses his favorite video game character, and attempts to show viewers how to achieve that look. The result is more comical than informative, but the collaboration is definitely worthwhile to watch.

Make-up or Break-it
An especially helpful video that Michelle recently released provided detailed instruction as to how to fix a broken makeup pallet. I wasn’t sure which interested me more: the topic, or the fact that Swoozie makes an appearance in the video. He appears as a burglar attempting to rob Michelle as she prepares for a date.  Michelle incorporates her love for gaming in a cutely choreographed fight scene in which she “kills” the intruder. Unfortunately, he breaks her blush in the process and she has no choice but to teach her viewers how to fix such a mess before her date.

Of course, there are cheesy elements to this video that are difficult to stomach. Of course it’s cute that Michelle manages to render her attacker defenseless, but I wouldn’t leave a burglar passed out in my home if I were in her shoes. I also wouldn’t leave on my date right after I’d defeated an intruder. I would most likely annoy my boyfriend to no end with worry as soon as he arrived. If I hadn’t before, I would sign up for a high-tech home security system, and I wouldn’t go on our date until I had set up the home alarm monitoring system to make sure he didn't come back while I was away. I’m paranoid as it is, so the cuteness of the video was a little lost on me.

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