Monday, September 2, 2013

My Sister Lynn's Daughters

Another two nieces  of mine that I truly miss are these two cuties.  These two are my sister Lynn's  daughters.  They are 6 and 3  years old. I can only see them in photos via Facebook. I wish that they live nearby so my kids can play with them.

I am glad that their Dad posts some photos from time to time.  I get to show it to my kids so they  get to know them  through photos.


  1. awww such beautiful little girls!

  2. They are so adorable. My kids are the only grandchildren on both sides. They have cousins who are the kids of my cousins.

  3. They are cuties, I can understand how you really misses them.

  4. your niece are super cute! I cannot wait to have niece and nephews from my siblings.:)

  5. They are adorable. :)I love to introduce my kids to my family back home. I can't wait to visit Philippines either, someday.


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