Thursday, September 26, 2013

Good News from Back Home

I am glad that I finally get hold  of my  Mom and talked to her on the phone last weekend.  It is  s hard to  contact them right around this time of the year because of the weather.  I was able to tell her to go to my sister's place as I have sent  some money for her.  I feel bad that I can't send her  as much as I would like to.    Having no permanent job here makes it hard for me to send them regularly.  I only send my sister the  amount she needs  in school  and   very little for my  MOm but I am thankful that my husband   is always willing to  send my family back home.

My sister Mae is now on her Senior year of the education course that she is taking.  She will be practice-teaching next semester and hopefully could review for the  license examination afterwards and pass.  I could only pray and hope.
Aside from the good news that I heard from my Mom, my niece who was hospitalized is also doing well now.  She is still taking some medications but she g was able to go back to school.  Glad that she has recovered from the illness.  Thanks for your prayers by the way!

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