Monday, December 15, 2014

Good and Bad

So many  bad things happened to my family back home this year.  My Mom's house got   destroyed by a typhoon, one of  my sisters was diagnosed with Myoma (tumor), and many other things that  left me so stressed out for the past  months.  That's one advantage of being away from your family.  It is also hard because I don't have a permanent job here so financial support has been so hard  for us.  Although we really tried our best to help out, it still  ain't enough.  My sister has also been feeling so low lately because she didn't pass the teachers board but I told her to try again  next year.

She has been sending out applications and resume but since job  opportunities in the Philippines is so scarce, she find it hard to land a job.  Through the help of a good friend, she  had the opportunity to work as a substitute for  just two weeks, which is really god.  I told her that it's good  to have it at  this time of the year so she'll have something to spend for the holidays.    I hope and wish that she can find a job after this one.

 She will be going to Manila on Christmas break because she got a call for an interview.  Good luck Nhe!

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