Monday, April 14, 2014

Graduation, Gratitude, and More

It feels so good to have graduated from College.  I know that this is not the end  but just the beginning of hopefully, accomplishing my goals.  This journey would have never realized if my love ones aren't there for me.  So my gratitude goes to the following:
  • First and foremost, I thank God for giving me the strength and perseverance in  accomplishing my first goal.  I  faced bumps and difficulties along the way but YOU always led me the right way.
  • To my ever supportive Ate and Kuya John, words are not enough to express how thankful I am  with you guys for doing your best to help me out financially and emotionally, I wish that you could have witnessed the product of your hard labor and sacrifices in sending me to school.  I know that I should have  communicated  with you often but glad you perfectly understand my situation.
  • To my mother who  is always there to remind me from right and wrong and to make sure that I am okay, thank you Ma and I love you very much.  I take every advice you give me  to heart.
  • To my siblings who  are so proud of what I have accomplished.
  • To my boyfriend fr the love, support, and understanding.
  • To my very close friend Thel for  being there like a sister for me.
  • To my landlady, Ate Eden for  keeping me under your roof and treating me like your own family.
We had our graduation rites on April 12.  I had a mixed feelings because I miss my sister but glad that my mother and boyfriend was there with me on that bog day.  Here are pictures, be warned, I have lots of it for my sister's family to see.

Preparing for the Baccalaureate Mass
Baccalaureate Mass at Divine Word College Gymnasium.
Before going to the graduation venue.  Photo opp with  Mama and BF.

Graduation Rites:

After the Commencement Exercise.
After graduation:
Glad to have finally overcome those four grueling years of sweat and tears.  Now comes the hard part,  reviewing  for my LET exam this July.  We have two months to review for this big test.  I hope that I could pass.  Wish me luck.  Okay, this is it for now.  I will be going home for the Holy week and come back here  next week to  enroll for my review and hopefully find a summer job.  Thanks again Ate and Kuya for sponsoring once again this  next journey. 


  1. Good luck on her LET exam and congratulations on her graduation.

  2. This is such a wonderful post. :) Gratitude is definitely something always nice and I'm sure your loved ones has appreciated it too.

  3. Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishment Both you and your family should be proud.

  4. Hi Mae, Congrats and you made it this far. All the hard works paid off, you make all the people that love you proud.

  5. One of the happiest moment of accomplishment in life. Go on and find success.

  6. how time flies...congratulations Mae! Future teacher in the family...:)

  7. congrats to you..your lucky to have your ate and kuya sponsoring you. dont let them your best and goodluck to your LET.


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