Saturday, April 5, 2014

Communication is a MUST!

I mentioned in my blog that March wasn't a good month for me. Lots of not-so-good events happened last month with me and my family back home.  I was just got done  paying for all my youngest sister's tuition, graduation fees, and other   miscellaneous expenses so my budget was totally drained.  Then  a week after that, a friend of mine texted me and said that my sister was in the hospital and in need of money.  I was dismayed because it isn't easy to just get that kind of amount  considering that I just spent the last amount I have allocated for her.  But what can you do, we are the only one they can depend on  on emergencies.  I am sacrificing our budget for this month  just so I could send money back home to pay for her hospital bill.  I still have to save for her review, sigh.  

Hubby and I are willing to help my family back home the best we can. All I want in return is a constant communication from my sister but she isn't good with that part which sometimes irritates me. I understand that she was busy but just ten minutes of her time allocated to chat with me would mean a lot. If she have time for a boyfriend, she would certainly have time to talk to me for ten minutes. I wanted to give her a party for her graduation but due to lack of communication, I did not. Besides I still have to pay for her review before she can take the LET exam so that is more important than a party.  She understand  the situation and she doesn't mind.  She finally talked to me after I told her what I felt.  

Mae, I hope that you would exercise the sense of responsibility.  Communicating with me and honesty is all I ask.


  1. Really, I can relate what you felt about your sister. I worked as an OFW before and I felt that too. Sometimes, I can say that all they wanted was money to support them. That's normal, but constant communications and love must be adhered to all the time.

  2. I understand your plight but I'm sure your sister is very grateful.

  3. You are such a great sister! I'm sure she appreciates what you do. When you're young and have a bf that's kinda your life at the moment. She loves you though!

  4. My boyfriend had this kind of issue with his family too - but in time, things are coping up - communication is a must and its very important especially those who are away from the country.

  5. I do feel irritated sometimes in sending money at home too especially when they don't communicate to me properly. It's like they only message me for emergency like I'm a bank. It hurts. I keep explaining to them though that not all needs they have there we can meet. Simple news like they are healthy, life is good there would sometimes cure pains.


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