Thursday, January 2, 2014

Worldwide Translation Services from Rosetta

I  noticed that  online companies that are based in China are now reaching out for  customers around the world.  I was contacted recently by two companies to endorsed their  clothing at my blogs through product review.  The first one that I worked with  was smooth but this second one that I am working  with is giving me a lot of trouble.  It's a bit harder to communicate with my contact.  

I think that a lot of companies now uses  translation company services in order to r widen up their customer based.  There is a world renowned  international translation agency that is based in London that provides this kind of services.  Rosetta is the  name of the company and they have been  rendering this kind of service for years now and they  have a compliments  from their customers.

Offering a wide range of language for your company is a great move  in order to   accommodate  prospective clients all around the globe.  I think that most of the  big  corporations have used this kind of service in order to further serve their clients effectively.  Gone are the days when you can't understand what a website is talking about because you can easily translate  into different languages  now by a simple click of your mouse.


  1. Being multilingual can really help a company be globally competitive.

  2. this would help everyone understand language from different countries.

  3. I have heard of rosetta since I got here in the US. I was interested because I wanted to learn spanish too. I think this will help us communicate globally.

  4. The problem with dealing with other companies whose staff don't speak good conversation English is the communication barrier. I had a difficulty dealing with most Chinese companies and they should start widening their horizon by giving their staff training on good spoken English.

  5. Business thrive through their customers globally with translators. Very nice site to get translation services.

  6. I think most companies target a global range of customers nowadays.

  7. haha! I actually use hashtags to my boyfie sometimes - just sometimes. :)

    He doesn't complain or anything though I doubt he is thrilled with it too.


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