Thursday, January 2, 2014


My husband  dislikes the word Hashtag so much so whenever he is emailing me from his work, I always put hahstag on my replies just to tease him lol.  This morning, he sent me an email and he said that  he was listening to a radio discussion on the way to his work and they were talking about the most hated words in 2013 that people are sick of hearing and he said that number one is Selfie.
And number three is #hashtag.  Of course I replied to his email and wrote "Hahahahashtag" lol.

Do you use hashtag?


  1. I often use it on other websites like instagram and twitter. sometimes on facebook too.

  2. I use it all the time as a blogger you kind of have to.pretty funny though!

  3. hehehehe..well that's life, people should just accept what the world does

  4. I only use hashtag if it's a company that I'm working online requires hashtag. As much as possible, I avoid using it coz it's easily seen by hackers, pedos and etc. My husband doesn't like hashtag either. selfie is ok. lol!

  5. And I thought I am the only one who hates a certain word. I hate the word "encrusted" it sounds GROSS!!!

  6. To be honest with you I've never tried using hashtag maybe next time I will use that.

  7. I share the sentiment of your hubby! I don't like the word hashtag. I like the symbol better # hahaha. I'm wondering what it actually does to the word next to it. Does it have a bearing socially? I still don't get it and will not give a minute of my time trying to research it. ;)


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