Saturday, October 12, 2013

PEP Squad

I am glad that my sister was active in participating in extra curricular activities like swimming and PEP squad.  Next semester would be her last, she would be practice teaching in school  as part of the curriculum.  She is no longer a working student, last semester was her last term.

I will encourage her to review for the Teacher's Licensure exam so she could take it next year.


  1. You're sister looks so cute.:) being in PEP squad is fun.

  2. I wanted to be in PEP squad when I was in college. I backed out bec I couldn't shout as loud as the other girls and the schedule was so demanding. I had to prioritize. I chose studies. :) Your sister looks very nice in her PEP squad attire. Good for her to be active in extra curricular activities. It will enhance her social networking in the long run and her ability to go well with others when she becomes a full time teacher.


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