Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mom's Worries

I talked to my Mother  last month and  I can tell by listening to her voice that she was worried about something.  I asked her about it and she said that she is worried about my sister getting married soon because she has a  boyfriend.  I told her that it is quite normal  for  a girl at my sister age to have a boyfriend.  To ease her worries, I told her that I will talk to my sister.
To make the story short, my sister assured me that  she knows her boundaries and her obligation.   This must sound weird to  Caucasian families but  Asian families are like that.  The parents  send the kids to school and in return, the kids return the favor by helping the parents when she  get a job.  Not all cases end up like that but for my family, it is that way.  Well, I hope that my sister hold off for  a while and  find a job first  after she graduates before settling down.  (You got that Bunso?)


  1. so after you complete school you do not go out on your own, you take care of your parents or help them. That is different here you get put out at 18 (in most families depending on situations), thankfully it wasn't the case for us. I would never make my son leave and would want him to stay home and work and live with mama and daddy :) I can't even bare the thought of him not being home or my little boy anymore.

  2. 'You got that bunso?' Haha, written and said in what's definitely the older sister's tone. I hope so too. Although unsolicited, I would like to say to young people, the world is out there waiting for you to explore. There are places to see, things to explore and people to meet that you will not have a chance of seeing, exploring or meeting on your own when you get married, unless you and your hubby share the same interest, same passion and same views on everything. Hold off a little and see the world.

  3. Manay that is typical conservative pinoy family. hahaha gone thru that too. bad for the point of view of human development but that's part of the culture. Someday when true human development developed it might be changed.


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