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Thinking out of the box with your interior décor

Express your creativity by choosing the lighting, colors, furniture and accessories that essentially reflect your personality

The way you handle the interior décor of your home is, in a way, a reflection of your personality. Your personality and interests are showcased through your furniture and the décor that you chose for your home. Using a little bit of creativity, you can enliven dull surroundings in a number of ways, while thinking out of the box.  Just a few of these are highlighted below. Don’t be afraid of taking the plunge; after all it’s your home you are dealing with!

Go against the grain
Most of us get our ideas online or from magazines or we ask for advice from family and friends who have also obtained theirs in the same way. If you really want to be daring and original, go against the grain when it comes to this. Tread carefully though, and stick with the basics. By all means, think outside the box, but don’t go overboard with farfetched ideas especially if you have relocation plans in the offing or if you intend, at some future date, to sell. In a situation like this you can opt for neutrals and decorate things in a way that leaves a subsequent owner with the capacity to change things around with ease.

Color your ceiling
sunroom-beat-the-heatThere’s no hard and fast rule which says your ceiling should be white. You can color your ceiling with a bright red if you so choose or even cover it with wall paper in a striking pattern which harmonizes with the walls and with rest of the décor of the room.

Concrete the countertops in your kitchen
For a unique look in your kitchen, consider installing unusual concrete countertops. These can be customized according to the availability of space and are feasible in an endless variety of colors and textures, for the simple reason that concrete can be poured into any shape. Though you can attempt to take the do-it-yourself way for this project, it is best getting professional help to do it.

Whiten and brighten your kitchen
There’s nothing like white to brighten up a room. White never goes out of style and there are few colors that do not match with it, so why not add a generous amount of white to your kitchen. Here are some of the parts of your kitchen which you can incorporate white into.

You could paint all your kitchen cabinets white, or you could cover them with white bead board wallpaper. The bead board design on the wallpaper breathes character into a bland surface and adds architectural interest as it provides texture and a classic look. Besides it is paintable, affordable and fairly simple to install. The National Kitchen & Bath Association reports that in a 2013 survey done by them, the popularity of white kitchen cabinets witnessed a 20% rise in the last two years.

If you have wooden flooring in your kitchen you can consider putting a gleaming white coat of paint to it, especially if your kitchen cabinets are dark in color. The contrast can be most attractive.

A white backsplash, coupled with creative concrete countertops can make for a unique space that will last a lifetime.

Install some creative light fixtures
With a little ingenuity, it is not too difficult to transform some everyday household objects into a work of art. Some enterprising homeowners have converted ordinary mason jars into attractive light fixtures. You can access the following link to get an idea of how it’s done.(

Still others have used syringes and a host of other objects to create classy chandeliers that they guarantee will spice up your home. You can go to the following website for some marvelous ideas-

Some other suggestions
When selecting individual pieces of furniture, look for those that are unusual, have versatility and which can multi-task.

Embellish bare walls with hand paintings (which you may have done yourself and framed). You can also frame family photographs and use a collection of these frames on your walls. Creatively arrange them to create a focal point on your living or dining room walls.
When you are creative with the designs on your wall, you can transform your room from boring to fantastic in no time at all.

So then, if want your home to look unique, but at the same time warm, comfortable and functional, there are heaps of ways in which you can do this. You can express your creativity by choosing the lighting, colors, furniture and accessories that essentially reflect your personality.

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About the author: Michael has a natural flair for interior and exterior home decor. He believes home improvements should not only be aesthetic but sensible and energy-efficient as well.  Michael is a freelance writer who has had 12 years of experience as an interior designer. He currently writes for Champion Window Denver


  1. I like these suggestions sis. I'm leaning towards putting modern and a bit funky lighting fixtures for added statement and bright colors in the family room of our future dream home. Very soon! :)

  2. Thanks for these suggestions. I love unique looking furnitures. I always check this out when I'm at home store.


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