Thursday, August 22, 2013

4 Tips: Best Wife Ever!

Wives our husbands need us to better ourselves. It doesn’t matter how good of a wife or mom we think we are there is always room for improvement and growth. As wives we are usually quick to point out our husbands mistakes but very rarely recognize our own. For the sake of our marriages we have to constantly check ourselves and look for areas that we can grow in. Here are a few ways we can better ourselves for our husbands.

Ask questions
As women we love to talk about ourselves, what’s going on in our lives, what makes us sad, what makes us happy, what we like, and what we don’t like. We love when our husbands ask us about these things because it just gives us more of a reason to talk about it. When our husbands don’t ask us these question we get defensive and think he doesn’t care. Most of the time we get so caught up in us and we forget to ask our husbands these questions. Just think how loved our husbands would feel if we intentionally asked him these types of questions to let him know that we care about what the thinks and feels.

Do what he wants to do
As wives we are guilty of dragging our husbands all around. We drag him to every store possible and make him push the cart and hold the bags. We drag him to our friends’ houses and make him awkwardly talk to their husbands. Our husbands do these things not because they like it but because they love us. Why don’t we throw him a curve ball and ask him what he wants to do and actually do it! Doing what he wants to do every once and a while will make it much easier for him when you ask him to go with you to the mall next time.

Loosen up
We nag about underwear on the floor, cups without coasters, toilet seats that are left up, pillows that are left on the ground, and just about everything else. Wouldn’t it be a nice change to just loosen up every once and a while and let those things slide? Just think about the lower level of stress it might implement to your day. If we could do this every once in a while this would show our husbands that we care more about him than all the little things that he does wrong.

Do his chores
As we go through out our days we are guilty of leaving things for our husbands to do when he gets home simply because we just don’t want to do it or we don’t want to make time to do it. Don’t you think it would be nice for our husbands to come home every once in a while and have nothing to do? Choosing to take the trash out, clean the dishes, or pick up instead of leaving it for our husband will result in one happy man when he can come home and relax.

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About The Author: Katie Melendez is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Katie is also a wife, youth mentor, and a health nut. Follow her blogs for all current trends on home, health, and family.

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  1. Great tips and very helpful to make couple relationships more stronger and closer.


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