Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Job: From Review Center to Office Job

For few months, my youngest sister Mae has been working at a Review Center.  The  salary is  low but I told her that for the meantime that she hasn't found a good opportunity, she should   stick with it so she would gain more experience.  Last month, she asked my opinion about  an o=oportunity that opened  at  our Alma Mater and  she was torn whether to  go for it or not.  I told her that it's good opportunity for her although she is just a substitute, it is always nice to  explore different possibilities.  She is now working at Divine Word College and I am very proud of her.
I am also glad that she is maturing now.  She  opens up with me and tell me  things that is going on in her life.  She also  has her own place now and I am very proud of her.   I hope that  she would get  hired permanently in school.

Update: 8/03
This morning, I was talking to her and she told me that her former boss, asked her if she could work part time.  I told her  that if she could squeeze it in her schedule to go for it.  It is always great tp have a back up plan.  Although she is hired  from Divine Word College until October, it is not permanent yet since she is only a substitute.  So glad to see her suceed and apy in lfe.

  I am praying for you Nhe, luvya!


  1. Good for her she is still young and so much to earn. Just grab every opportunity that may come on her way.

  2. I am glad that she is working now Sis R and earning her own money. She can buy whatever she wants and help your parents/siblings too. By the way, she looks beautiful.

  3. How sweet is your relationship with your sister. That's right! Go for all opportunities that knocks on your door :) just keep on going until you will find the best for you.

  4. that is indeed a wonderful news, now that she is in the office job that would give her more opportunity to excel in her works and hopefully to get a better and higher pay job.

  5. That's the advantage of being young as there are many opportunities. Glad that she is enjoying her job and has her own place now.

  6. Same here. good that she is now working and hopefully she saves a liitle of what she earned.

  7. I hope that someday, you will find your passion so that you will enjoy life to its fullest!

  8. Off Topic :

    Just wanted to say hello to you as a new teammember on ABC_Wednesday and Roger informed me that you are (or were) too !

    Hope you are doing and feeling well, wishing it to you!

    Regards, Melody


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