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Five wedding photography ideas you must try

Your wedding is certainly going to be one of the most important days in your life. With many things to consider, photography is going to be high up on the to-do list. Wedding photography has grown as an industry, with more and more techniques and styles to choose from. Here are some ideas that you should consider when thinking about who to go for and what to go for.
Which style to choose?
With so many different wedding photographers their skills and method of photography can differ. The four main styles of photography are reportage, traditional, contemporary and artistic. The most popular approach for modern brides is the reportage approach, which offers a more of a storybook album once completed.
It is good to research the different styles out there, too find which is more suited to your tastes. Look at different wedding photographers portfolios and try and tell the difference between the styles. Once you have a better understanding out what is out there, then you can start deciding on your style.
Package ideas
Do you want your parents to have their own photo album of the big day? Some people do, but it is not the usual package people choose. Having a specially made wedding album sent to the parents of the bride and groom is certainly going to bring a smile to their faces. Being able to see the big day with high quality photography’s that illustrate just how big and important the day was to the couple, family and friends.
Background and venue features
When you hire a venue for your wedding, you do so because you fall in love with the place. So why not make the most of what’s on offer. If there is a huge garden out back then make the most of it. Ask the photographer to take pictures of the couple kissing with a backdrop of trees, birds and flowers. This is certainly going to look good on the wedding album and adds another dimension to the old usual kissing outside of a church.
Even inside of a venue will offer some spots with a good photo opportunity. Many big venues have staircases that go on for miles, a picture of the bride and groom walking down the stairs makes for another good photo opportunity. By using what is available in the venue, you can certainly add some character to the wedding photography and ensure that your day is one to remember.
Emotions of the day
A wedding is an emotional day for everybody that is in attendance. There is going to be family members who are crying with tears of joy and others that don’t usually crack a smile! By asking the wedding photographer to focus on certain family and friends you can be certain that no smile and no tear will be missed. When the time comes to look back at the pictures, memories of how important and happy the day was will come flooding back to you.
Theme of the wedding
Themes can add fun and a more relaxed feel to a wedding, which in turn helps the photographer find the images they are looking for. A themed wedding is something that is unique and special to you, and so capturing this in the best possible way is important both to the couple and the photographer.
A themed wedding also gives you something to look back on time and time again with a wedding album. Allowing you to see every detail in the style you had chosen. A wedding photographer can offer so much to a wedding that it is often considered as an important choice when planning a wedding. 
Michael Smith is a keen wedding photographer from High Wycombe has helped many people in the area with their weddings.


  1. i like this particular wedding pic of yours sis!

    anyway, i didn't have lots of good pics during or wedding. it rained and everyone was in a rush. LOL! anyway, what's important is the life after the wedding day and so far, everything is great.


  2. Kagwapo at kagwapo, love your wedding photo sis. You guys look so young and happy now still the same, young at heart and happy :)

  3. Thanks for these steps. I will consider these when my wedding is near. LOL!


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