Thursday, August 15, 2013

Butterfly Ring

Snagged this photo at my  sister's  facebook page.  She is wearing the  butterfly ring that I sent her last Christmas.  Glad she liked it.

This photo of her reminds me of "Betty La Fea translated in English as "I am Betty, the Ugly".  It is a telenovela filmed in Colombia who was also  dubbed in tagalog for Filipino viewers.  The photo reminds me of that particular TV show not because my sister is ugly but because of the big eye glasses that Betty used to  wear in the show.

Just a quick update here before I  go back to my chore here at home.  Have a lovely midweek everyone!


  1. The ring is lovely, but the girls, and those smiles are priceless.

  2. Beautiful Butterfly ring. They had "Ugly Betty" as a series in the USA for a few years. It's not on anymore, though. It was based on the South American show.

    abcw team

  3. ang cute ng sister mo Rose hehehe...mas cute kaysa kay Betty hehe


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